Keeping Style with a Pet

Chair Damaged by PetIt can be tough to keep stylish outdoor furniture or any kind of it for that matter, if you have a pet which can cause some damage over time. Hair, scratching even marking the pieces can all be massive problems for you both outdoors and in. While the topic has certainly been covered before now we are going to talk about keeping your stylish pieces safe and still looking good with a pet like this.

Coverings are a no-no for any pet owner who wants to keep the style. While they are effective and useful in many situations they absolutely ruin the look of any home inside and out. That is not something that you want to show guests.

The first and best way to make sure it does not get damaged is to train your pets well. A well-trained dog or cat will not be tearing up your items when you leave. Not having a thread in the first place is a sure-fire way to make secure your outdoor furniture and other pieces.

Getting a good trainer is one way to make sure this happens. You may pay a premium for someone who knows what they are doing but it is definitely the best solution. Pets will be more obedient and you will be happier together, as it goes.

Even once you have trained the animal and things are going well you should always be careful. Some pets will suddenly start to misbehave when the owner leaves. That can be a huge problem and not something you can prepare for. Try to have someone sit the pets and take care of them while you are gone.

What about when the damage has already been done to your outdoor furniture? You simply need to repair it then. That can be easy for a minor spill or very hard for significant damage caused by claws. In either case you need to have the skills to sand, scrape and otherwise repair the pieces. If you do not have them then you can look for someone in your city who does have the skills. However with the advent of do-it-yourself home improvement there are much fewer people who will do that for money.

Getting a special piece of outdoor furniture for your pet may also be a wise investment. They are less likely to ruin a piece that is set up just for them if you make it very clear that it is theirs. Animals do have a rudimentary sense of ownership so they will be more likely to do things with their own items and less with yours. Scratching posts, blankets and much more can fit into a setting.

Once you have it safe you can even try to match some colors to the pet. As strange as it sounds it can make a really cool effect if their coats match some pieces. Consider that interesting point next time you are shopping for a classy piece to brighten up a drab area.


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