The Black on White Outdoor Style

Subtle Black on White Outdoor FurnitureBlack and white are essential colors that many decorators use. Mixing them together has also been used for many settings and there are as many different attitudes you can convey by doing so. We want to give you some decent advice on why you might want to try this same style for your setting.

First you should decide on your primary color. If you go with black you will have less maintenance but it might not fit as well with the sunny outdoor theme that many people love. If you choose the white you will regularly have to clean out stains and such depending on your setup. However white usually does fit better with most outside restaurant furniture settings because it fits well with the sun and greenery. Perhaps the most popular setting is a black frame with white cushions, we see this a lot today.

The materials you can choose for a setting like this vary as much as any other type of outdoor furniture. From dark wood pieces to light metals you can get pretty much any piece you would want. We would suggest keeping the black on pieces like coffee tables as it will likely fit with your cup ware and coffee. It sounds strange but even your food placement and choice can change the atmosphere of your area.

The two-tone style fits great with both modern styles and that of the roaring twenties with beatniks. Why these two in particular? Because the sleek, clean colors are often used in both of those. Each one has been used extensively among a variety of designers who enjoyed it. Amusingly enough this also applies to many clothing lines.

This style of outdoor furniture is also very useful if your house uses similar colors in the construction. If you have a sheer white or black house on the exterior it can work great. It is strange to see a sheer black, but white is not uncommon at all in many parts of the world. In that case you may want to make the opposite color the dominant one in your setting. This once again gives you a contrast.

Other pieces should also be chosen to accentuate it, from tables to vases they need to fit with these colors. For example green goes great with white and blue with black in order to make sure everything works together. While you want the black and white to clash harmony is still useful in other areas to give your setting more character.

Clear glass pieces can really work with these as well. Why? Because it is a lack of color that allows other colors to move through and take the focus. That is what you are going for after all so it is the perfect accent to a design like this. If you find a piece like this try to put it in the center of your setup in order to not block view to any of your other sets. It can really be the extra piece you need.


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