The Stylish Outdoor “Bistro” Look

Outdoor Bistro ExampleBistros have often been extremely popular hangouts down through the ages. In the modern day they have come out in a big way and are extremely popular. This look can also work very well for your own outdoor bar or other arrangement. Whether you are creating one in your own home or it is a part of your restaurant you cannot really go wrong with something like this. It’s also a great way to spice up a played out establishment that customers are bored with. So we are going to look at what lessons we can take from this style.

Bistros originally started in the basement kitchens of apartments in Paris. Landlords would run a kitchen offering food and drinks to their people and their tenants could relax. It was an amazing atmosphere that started there and created a friendship between their people. We still have some places like that today but with the huge amount of choices in food that we have in the first world this style is less common.

That same feeling is something that you want to have from your outdoor furniture areas. The setting works perfectly for any patio where you know that you are going to have a gathering. Restaurant owners can continue to use the exact same type of style for their own setting as well. People wanting to eat well and enjoy the company of others is something that has not changed throughout the times. Probably the most popular types in North America and Europe are sidewalk cafes and small coffee shops. Italians in particular love this style and some cities have the streets clustered with them. Let us not even get started about the number of Starbucks we have here. It is one of the best ways to set up outside restaurant furniture.

So how would you go about creating a home or side bistro for a restaurant? It’s quite simple really. You need a bar area where people can get their coffee, wine or tea. You really can’t go wrong with a wooden bar there but a large table could also work well if you are trying to save money. Then you will need some small chairs and tables to sit the various guests down at.

While those are really all you need for the basics decoration is very important. There is no set style when creating a bistro look but ideally it should feel “homey” to those you are having over. Like they are relaxing at home with a good drink after a hard day of work. After all that was the original idea of these and it still works today.

You also need outdoor areas and a nearby preparation area for your dishes along with drinks. This probably isn’t going to be hard for most people because you likely have a kitchen nearby regardless of where you are creating this style. Make sure that the path between the two is clean and open so that everyone can easily get access to their nourishment. It is common sense but sometimes that goes a long way.


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