Stylish and Sometimes Smokeless Outdoor Lighting Options

Smokeless FirepitOutdoor lighting has evolved even further. Today we’re going to talk about options from smokeless fire pits to neon choices that can last for a very long time. Technology keeps marching forwards to help light up your outdoor furniture in the night. What a wonderful world we live in.

Our first example is also probably our most important one. Companies are now creating fire pits that run on ethanol and have a glass top. Why ethanol? Because it is smokeless so you can even use it under an overhang or even indoors if the fancy strikes you. It’s a really awesome way to have one of these because obviously it keeps your guests from inhaling the smoke. For some of us who are highly allergic a party can be ruined just by having someone smoking nearby so that is a huge plus for them in the long run.

There are also a great number of lighted furniture pieces that do not actually use anything but electricity. These are done in a variety of ways from neon setups to traditional lighting. There are even chairs that are composed of light carrying glasses that brighten up with things dim down. The truly amazing pieces incorporate textures from fluorescent materials into the work. These materials literally brighten up naturally with no energy put in and are a really cool choice. You are probably used to the ones that need some form of energy flowing through them to do that, but some only need a bit of shadow and moonlight to work. Much like the fish that contain similar materials. Many of these can be incorporated into your outside lounge furniture.

There are many different forms of lamps that can also give you a smokeless result. It all depends on the type and amount of fuel that they use in those cases to make everything look better. Be sure to contact whoever you buy from and ask them about that as well. Gel fuel is one example of this as it is literally a semi-thick gel that does not put off nearly the amount of smoke that you would expect from something like this.

Now you know your options for the lighting itself but the ones for the outdoor furniture are no less expansive. A smokeless fire pit or gel container can be fitted into nearly any type of setting from coffee tables to massive seating arrangements that you can fit whole parties around. In the modern day we can make them in pretty much any size to fit what you want so that is not a problem at all. The real problem is deciding which pieces to get. A sofa and coffee table are safe choices that you can rarely go wrong with. Even better if that coffee table has a way to warm you.

All of this comes at a premium of course, unless you do it yourself. That however is not something you should do unless you have experience with craftwork. We wish you the best of luck on choosing one for your own holidays.



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