Outdoor Style Predictions for 2014

2014 rounded outdoor furnitureBy the time you read this it may already be 2014. Outdoor furniture style is going to change very quickly very soon. So we want to give some of our predictions on what is going to be very hot in the coming year.

As with any year we’re going to be some more unusual shapes. This year everything is going to be reclining. We had seen a push for it previously and it is unlikely to change over this short time. From sofas to benches everyone wants a reclining back to lounge in because comfort is king.

Yellow is going to be the color of choice this year according to many designers. The light sunny color has always been popular but white and yellow are going to be the same sunny choices we have seen before. It’s quite interesting that this tradition has not changed. Outdoor furniture can also benefit from this as you might expect. After all, what goes better with “sunny” pieces than the sun itself outdoors?

The quilted look is also going to be a big deal for outdoor furniture and indoor furniture. Sofas, normal chairs and even tables went for that look in 2013. It looks like it will be even more popular due to the diverse color sets you can get from such a setting and the homey atmosphere everyone feels from having a “quilt” of some sort ready for them.

A “vintage” furniture look with bright colors is also very exciting for many people. 60s and 70s styles combined with bright modern angles and colors is something that many companies are putting out in the modern day. We aren’t sure why this trend has sprouted up but it is definitely there and real in many ways.

Speaking of reclining the one thing many of the latest designer sets have is a round look. Outdoor tables, vases, drinking glasses. All of them have a rounded section to them in one form or another that is very clear and pronounced. No more harsh angles for many designers. Even among things like cabinets that would normally have sharp angles everywhere they have strange contours even along the drawers. We have seen some of these before but now they are really pushing them forward.

Bright, strange color combinations are also becoming popular. As in oranges with pinks, purples and reds for a very pronounced and overstated look among some designers. It seems that in such dark times the designers want to have bright colors to provide a contrast how odd and interesting in many ways. The trends are equally true for outside restaurant furniture.

So what can you take from these? A sunny décor may be what you want for your next outdoor area if you are planning for the future. You may also want to go with smoother shapes for your own setting as well. Or you can of course decide to flaunt everything and go with an older style. In either case we hope to have given you some excellent ideas for your upcoming design year.



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